Success Tip: Become a Servant-Leader

Inside the most effective, successful leaders is the heart of a servant.


So many people start out with the typical, complaining refrain “I’m so tired of working for this lousy boss at this lousy job! I’m gonna be my own boss, and do my own thing!”

Then when they finally do start their own business, too many of those same people fizzle out quickly.

Why? They came to a certain realization, which hit them HARD, and then they decided they didn’t want to do it anymore, that it wasn’t worth putting in the work and sacrifices required.

It’s okay to feel frustrated with your present position, in your career and in your life. It’s also okay to want something better, for yourself and your family. But you have to understand this cold, hard reality: You will ALWAYS be working for someone else.

If you are an employee working at a job, you work for a boss. If you are a middle-level manager, you work for an executive or group of executives. If you are an executive, you likely work for a CEO or board of directors. If you are a CEO or a member of the board of directors, you work for shareholders or the owners. If you are a business owner, you work for your customers and clients.

Even if, by some miracle, you happen to be in some position where you are accountable to no bosses, board members, customers, or clients, you are still held to account by the law and by a Higher Power.

No matter what, you will ALWAYS be working for someone else.

Therefore, if you truly desire to be a leader, you may as well start by developing the heart of a servant.